The 8th Festival of Drama in English
The 8th Festival of Drama in English
27th MarchThe Canterbury Tales, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
28th MarchAn English Tea Party, The New Theatre, London
29th MarchThe Case of the Crushed Petunias, Latvia
Impromptu, Toruń
30th MarchThe Attendant, Theatre Vision, Dublin
Wanderlust, Bydgoszcz
31th MarchGurlz, Scarecrow Theatre Company, Belfast
1st AprilLove Letters, Marilyn and Richard Scharine
2nd AprilThe Bus Stop, Zielona Góra
Sweeney Agonistes, Kraków
3rd AprilSuperman's World Yoga Cafe, Szczecin
The Nun's Priest's Tale, Słupsk
Other events:
27th MarchOpening Banquet - admission for Festival guests, Agata Ostrowska (voc.) and Jarek Ziętek (guitar)
1st April8 p.m. Irish Evening, Beata & Jacek Jakubowscy
3rd April11 a.m. A Stampede of Zebras a play reading
8 p.m. Alice promotion of a radio play by Maybe Theatre Company (admission by invitation)

The Canterbury Tales, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
A modern language adaptation of Chaucer's masterpiece, including some of the best known of The Canterbury Tales the Miller's tale, The Reeve's tale, the Pardoner's tale, the Friar's tale, the Summoner's tale and the Nun's Priest tale. A colourful musical in peroid costumes, in turn funny and serious, frivolous and didactic, produced in celebration of the 650th annicersary of Chaucer's birth.

An English Tea Party, The New Theatre, London
Is a study of personal responsibility in wartime, incorporating ideas from Gombrowicz's Marriage. It weaves together the comedy if the Music Hall greats inside the nightmare world of a British soldier who accidentally kills a German woman on the last day of the Second World War. The Soldier dreams he is home in Britain but his father turns every domestic event into a Music Hall act. The soldier tries to bring back the lost order by marrying the German woman& The play is a moving and powerful tragedy, that works through hysterical farce, black comedy, song, tap dance and a dash of audience participation.
Father: Paul Stebbings
Neil, the Soldier: Greg Banks
German Woman: Inge Kammerer

The Case of the Crushed Petunias, Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute, Latvia
The students from the Daugavpils Pedagogical Institute, Latvia, will show The Case of the Crushed Petunias by Tennessee Williams, a short play which explores the huge theme of form vs. flow. Life is ever-changing, ever-flowing, unpredictable, the antithesis of the ordered structures which seek to capture it, contain it, control it, and prescribe rules for it. That happerns when a young woman's ordered life, shop and walk with the "Don't crush the petunias" sign on them - meets with a young mans who pushes in, heedlessly. Destruction or creation - it is for you to decide.
Natalia Minova, Olga Skunova, Iraida Grigorijeva, Natalija Krinicina, Mark Hilbert

Impromptu, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Toruń
What happens when four actors are told to report to a theatre for an acting job and no one is there to meet them except an audience? Do they improvise? Write a play themselves? Impromptu, a play by an American playwright Tad Mosel is a provocative treatment of the popular theme: How much truth and how much illusion does a person need to live a balanced life?
Winifred: Kasia Trzaska
Tony: Piotr Kaźmierkiewicz
Laura: Monika Nowacka
Ernest: Witalis Korecki

Wanderlust, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Bydgoszcz
A story of a young man sho leaves home much to the protest of his parents in order to experience life. He meets people who show him the good and bad sides of it and learns his lessons from them, while the Greek chorus provides an appropriate commentary to his adventures. An original script written by the students. The joint winner of the third award for the best production at the 1993 regional Drama Festival in Bydgoszcz.
Jack: Michał Joachimiak
Nellie: Ania Urbanek
Jack's father / Barker / Waiter: Piotr Okoniewski
Nellie's Father / Bouncer 1: Tomasz Terpiłowski
Mother: Bernardeta Gierszewska
Bouncer 2: Adam Cegielski
Hustler: Arek Wiśniewski
Sexy Woman: Anna Milchert
Greek Chorus: Joanna Leppert, Piotr Zderko

The Attendant, Theatre Vision, Dublin
Theatre Vision's newest production is from a cycle of related plays with the overall title of Remembering Mr. Benett The Attendant is a black comedy about a shadowy character, who takes a depressed patient Mr. B. out onto a hospital roof with the apparent aim of throwinf him over the edge. This is "the ultimate in shock therapy" as the Attendant remarks flibly. The play tells the story of developing relationship between the verbose helper and his reluctant victim. As he is prodded ever nearer to the roof's edfe, Mr. Benett comes to realise that this definitely non-angelic guardian may be in fact some sort of guardian angel, for there is a distinct possibility that the Attnedant may no even be of this world&
The play has been performed all over Ireland and a radio paly version of it was recently broadcast by Radio Telefis Eireann.
Mr Benett: Mark Byrne
The Attendant: Ciaran O'Keefe
Director: Michael Caven
Stage Director: Aoife Kennedy
Lighting Operator: Claire Finn

Gurlz, Scarecrow Theatre Company, Belfast
Gurlz is about girls. Two women, Grainne and Blanaid, fall in love with the same man, Conor. They resolve their difference by starving him to death. Their action is counterpointer by the violent relationship that Blanaid's sister, Mebh, has with her husband, Diarmuid, his obsession with war and her reluctance to have a child. The play is about the extremes that people are driven to by love and passion.
Grainne: Siobhan McKeown
Blanaid: Farrel Fleming
Mebh: Siofra Campbell
Diarmuid: Conor Grimes
Conor: Paul McVeigh
Author & Director: Siofra Campbell
Set & Costume Design: Angela Campbell
Projections: Tony Patrickson
Company Manager: Caroline McCurdy
Stage Manager: Helen Maddil

Love Letters, Marilyn and Richard Scharine, USA
Love Letters by A.R.Gurney, a distinguidhed American playwright, have been shown with success all over the USA. A birthday party invitation from one second year grader to another begins a love story that stretches over 50 years - a story frequently amusing, often touching, but never entirely satisfying. Andy Ladd and Melissa Gardner are separated at school, come together again, drift apart, carve widely differing careers, but never lose their love for one another and are never quite complete without one another. Their lives and relationships are presented through letters which they read to us, never looking at one another, but listening eagerly, "Much as we might listen to a voice on a one-way radio, coming from far, far away"

The Bus Stop, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Zielona Góra
An old lady and a man, who turns out to be a thief, find themselves in a situation from the "English for All Purposes" language textbook while waiting for a bus. Winners of the awards for the best production, best actress, the funniest moment (and the worst joke) at the Drama Festival in Bydgoszcz.
Old Woman: Agnieszka Brzeźniak
Robber: Tomasz Pusiak
Language student: Agnieszka Szwed
Policeman: Jacek Dobryniewski
Man: Jarek Chojak

Sweeny Agoniestes, Uniwersytet Jagielloński,
Sweeny Agonistes belongs to less known, unfinished poems by T.S.Elliot. Written ten years after the Waste Land it has many affinities with the famous record of barrenness and vulgarity of modern times. It is also one of Eliot's first attempts at poetic drama, preceding The Murdere in the Cathedral and later plays. Eliot Himslf calls Sweeney Agonistes "an Aristophanic melodrama" and provides it with the following motto:
Orestes: You don't see them you don't - but I see them: they are hunting me down, I must move on - Choephoroi.
St John of the Cross: Hence the soul cannot be possessed of divine union, until it has divested itself of the love of created beings

The cast: Barbara Poważa, Monika Orłowska, Magdalena Konieczna, Katarzyna Podleśna, Halina Kozdęba, Izabela Murzyn

Superman's World Yoga Cafe, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Szczecin
Four sketches taken from the Off Stage: Sketches from English Teaching Theatre. The title was composed by taking one word from the title of each play. The sketches are humorous and as the blurb says: Each & practices specific language, both structural and functional. Winers of the third award for the best production at the Drama Festival in Bydgoszcz.
Yoga Girl: Dagmara Sokalska
Michael Moonshine: Przemysław Sachaj
Yoga Voice / Teresa: Joanna Radwańska
Mr. Wilkins / Giovanni: Piotr Wilamowski
Superman: Paweł Bednarczyk
Psychiatrist: Katarzyna Kulikowska
Geoffrey: Tomasz Garbowski
Dorothy: Monika Chorzępa
Receptionist / Mabel: Ewa Kowalczyk

The Nun's Priest's Tale, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Słupsk
A hilariously funny modern language and modern setting adaptation of one of the most colourful and best-loved from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. An ancient fable about a cock, a hen and a fox with an equally ancient, but still valid moral. Winners of the second award for the best production and the award for the best actor of the Drama Festival in Bydgoszcz.
Keyboards / Narrator: Dariusz Głażewski
Guitar / Gwen: Hubert Ignatowicz
Narrator: Barbara Malowana, Agnieszka Stajkowska, Arletta Czartoszewska
Chanticleer: Dariusz Kuc
Pertelote: Renata Łukasiuk
Fox: Magdalena Machutta

Alice, Maybe Theatre Company (radio play)
A radio play based on the famous classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, adapted for the radio and directed by Mirosława Modrzewska, with original music by Cezary Paciorek, recorded by Maybe Theatre Company in cooperation with Radio Gdańsk (thanks to Jacek Puchalski, Krystyna Pawlak and Florian Staniewski). Listen out for creaky studio door, the patter of fingers on the chair, a squeaky lamp imitating a ladder and& radio develops imagination, so guess the rest for yourself!

Organizing Committee
Festival Director: Maria Fengler
Workshops: Adam Rusiłowski
Accommodation: Monika Kucińska, Katarzyna Borucka
Entertainment: Agnieszka Wróblewska
Stage Manager: Joanna Pasternak
Public Relations & Publicity: Zbigniew Weinar
Poster design: Monika Zawierowska

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