Come and join our new project - Playreadings!

Change Sunday boredom for theatrical adventure :)

PAGE TO STAGE OR STAGE TO PAGE  sometimes it is fun to spend time turning a leaf or taking a leaf from the famous and lesser known bards of the boards. In plain English: playreadings, and from there what will be, will be; the word, at least in English, is a jolly good place to start.

Up with the larks for a SUNDAY start at 12am-3pm ACK (Akademickie Centrum Kultury - Wita Stwosza 58 Gdańsk) room 22

5 meetings:

FEB: 22nd
MARCH 15th
MARCH 22nd

Performed Playreading - the end of March

If you want to JOIN this project, or find out more about it, please send an email to

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