Lov Level Panic

by Clare McIntyre

What goes on in women's heads?

In this humorous and revealing play three flatmates: Mary, Jo and Celia argue and let rip about life, men and the universe as they drift in and out of that most important of female sanctuaries: the bathroom.
As they cleanse, tone and moisturise, dress up, break down and dye, they ponder their relationships with men and the roles which society makes them play, confessing both their sexual fantasies and deepest fears.
A cross between the bathroom from Big Brother and an article from Cosmopolitan, Low Level Panic is provocative, enlightening, gritty and witty.
Low Level Panic is directed by Penny Shefton from Newcastle, the play features three talented actresses from Gdańsk: Natalia Cyrzan, Gosia Stencel and Karolina Drozdowska.

This production is brought to Newcastle/Gateshead with the support of the City Councils of Newcastle and Gdańsk.

Tuesday 16 July 2002 at 8pm
LIVE THEATRE, Quayside, Newcastle

Wednesday 17 July 2002 at 8pm
CLUNY WAREHOUSE, Lime St., Newcastle

Friday 19 July 2002 at 8pm
Stephenson Rd, Heaton

Contains strong language & nudity. Not suitable for under 16s

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