11th Festival of Drama in English


23th MarchAll We Need is Love, Maybe Theatre Company
24th MarchOrpheus and Euridice, Toruń
Impromptu, Lublin
25th MarchThe Passion, Wrocław
Revue Sketches, Lublin
Out at Sea, Łódź
26th MarchThe Visit from Strangers, Poznań
27th MarchWhen Shlemiel went to Gdańsk, Gdańsk
The Great Theatre of the World, Koszalin
The Fathers that Begat US, Łódź
28th MarchHarry's Christmas, Poznań
29th MarchVinegar Tom, USA

All We Need is Love, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
There can be no doubt that the greatest number of songs in the field of popular music are songs about love; songs expressing hope, joy, uncertainty, disappointment, sadness, despair, perplexity. We would like to present a handful of such songs, which are both well-known and in some way interesting (at least in our opinion). Obviously there exists a huge number of compositions which you will not hear today. If we wanted to include all the songs that deserve inclusion, the performance would have to last for days! In our show there will be songs about dreams, about the first stirrings of love, about fulfilment, parting and disillusionment. There will also be some songs about desire: physical desire, desire for power, money, etc. We hope they will come across as being ironic. If you know any of these songs, join in: let us sing together about love. After all, love is all we need!. Singers: Wioletra Burzińska, Iwona Cieplińska, Marzena Długozima, Agata Ostrowska, Agnieszka Ośkiewicz, Dorota Pomorska, Katarzyna Rukojć, Anita Wygonowska, Patrick Agajimah, Cyprian Estemberg, Jacek Mazur, Adam Rusiłowski, Abigniew Weinar, Tadeusz Z. Wolański, Adam Zalewski
Musicians: Guitar: Jarosław Ziętek
Keyboards: Jacek Grzywacz
Violin: Jacek Ronkiewicz
Bass guitar: Aleksander Rzepczyński
Drums: Maciej Dombrowski
Lighting: Joanna Wiśniewska
Sound: Jacek Ronkiewicz
Decorations: Beata Orłowska
Producer: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Director / Musical Director: Jarosław Ziętek

Orpheus and Euridice, Catharsis, Toruń
The play has the ofrm of a symbolic dream, presenting Orpheus's trip to Hades, his encounter with Charon and Hades, his unsuccessful struggle for Euridice. There is a lot of strange music and a little bit of dance. We would like to warn the lovers of ancient mytholofy that the play is aloose adaptation of the myth and that it includes some elements of contemporary culture, e.g. techno music.
Orpheus: Krzysztof Abriszewski
Servant: Bernard Błażkiewicz
Fury: Dominika Czarnecka
Charon, Hades: Przemysław Mastalerz
Fury: Eliza Mierzicka
Fury: Rozalia Mierzicka
Euridice, Fury: Anna Żabińska
Servant: Michał Korolko
Servant: Włodzimierz Szrajer
Written and directed by: Katarzyny Trzaska
Lights: Izabella Ciesielska
Music: Patrycja Makaruk
Costumes: Daria Mionskowska

Impromptu, Maria Curie Masquers, Uniwersytet Marii Curie Skłodowskiej, Lublin
Winifred: Justyna Pryka
Lora: Angelika Trochimiak
Tony: Wwa Przednówek
Ernest: Tomasz Jasiński
Understudies: Joanna Ferdynus, Katarzyna Kozłowska
Stage Manger: Elżbieta Wójcik
Lights: Anna Derewecka
Prompter: Barbara Jońca
Directed by: Dariusz Pick
Written by: Tad Mosel

Walking in the Rain, Pasport Theatre Group, Canada
Walking in the Rain is a high energy show that tell a series of personal stories of love, hope, sadness, joy, tragedy and beauty. The actors are still in the process of developing and rehersing the script, using personal experience and research.
Directed by: Albert Hung
Cast: Andrew Morris, Julie Martin, Megan Francis, Philip Hahn, Albert Hung

The Passion, Woman Wanted, Uniwersytet Wrocławski
The play The Passion is based upon the 1987 novel by Jeanette Winterson, of the same name. It interweaves the destinies of two remarkable characters. Villanelle is the daughter of a Venetian boatman. Salvador is the young Jewish man who falls for her and pursues her in the hope of capturing her heart. The Passion is a story of love, passion andthe gamble, which makes us look inward and ask questions about life and those things we value. It is a fairy tale with magical permeations and arresting beauty. Few who see it will walk away untouched.
Villanelle: Anna Węgrzyn
Salvador: Ian Anderson
Directed by: Janet Oliver
Lights: Tyren Thomas
Music: Agnieszka Cieślak

Revue Sketches, Uniwersytet Marii Curie Skłodowskiej, Lublin
Revue Sketches by Harold Pinter is a series of five one-act plays which inspire in their audience hilarity curiously mixed with panic and self-pity. Harold Pinter, associated with the theatre of the absurd and the comedy of menace, skilfully exposes in them man's helplessness in relation to the world as well as to his own subconsciousness. Pinter's characters are in fact lonely petty people in a universe without meaning, preoccupied with their own fetishes, surrounded by artificiality and appearences they create themselves, covering their fears with aggression.
Cast: Elżbieta Błazucka, Damian Frankiewicz, Sylwia Gorgol, Anna Jezior, Sylwia Lipiec, Jacek Środa, Justyna Tycznkowska, Klaudia Wengorek, Dorota Janowska, Aneta Michalska
Stage Manager: Dorota Janowska
Technician: Aneta Michalska

Out at Sea, Both Theatre Group, Uniwersytet Łódzki
In this play by Sławomir Mrożek a hungry young man and two hungry women desire one another physically, though not sexually. Why should they hide their appetites for life?
Fat: Radosław Bajeński
Medium: Joanna Kruczkowska
Thin: Jagoda Rogoża
Postman, Butler: Marek Jańczyk
Lights: Magdalena Szewczyk, Anna Mirowska
Sound: Katarzyna Szmigiero

The Visit from Strangers, The Poznań Fringe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
In The Visit from Strangers two Martians visit Poland as a mission to find intelligent life on earth. It is a satire on modern society, love and relationships between humans. The play was written by Mark Bates, author of Peanuts and stars some of the original Peanuts cast from last year's festival.
Probon: Paweł Sakowski
Xenon: Grzegorz Zacharewicz
Grandfather: Miłosz Gil
Father: Robert Wyroba
Mother: Marta Czajkowska
Monika: Renata Gruszczyńska
Mrs Olszewska: Aleksandra Spiehs
Insurance Lady: Klaudia Jaworska
Martian Taxi Driver: Michał Remiszewski
Lights: Joanna Maszner
Sound: Maria Krzemińska
Properties: Katarzyna Kowalczyk
Costumes: Magdalena Węcławek
Voice/special effects: Michał Remiszewski

When Shlemiel went to Gdańsk, The Chełm's Angels Theatre Troupe, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Chełm
The play is adapted from the story When Schlemiel Went to Warsaw by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Shlemiel: Marcin Kalinowski
Mrs. Shlemiel: Rober Bielak
Gronam Ox: Mariusz Klimczak
Visitor and Feviel Thickwit: Krzysztof Pawlik
Dopey Lekisch: Elżbieta Szczepańska
Feviel Thickwit: Ewa Sirow
Gimpel the Healer: Anna Gwiazdowska
Blind Musician: Magdalena Jaśkowska
Directed by: John Cudak
Light and sound: Sylwia Wąsacz
Stage manager: Marcin Jungowski

The Great Theatre of the World, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języka Angielskiego, Koszalin
The Morality play by Calderon fives us a group of players for whom All the World is a Stage. God, the Director, and the World promote an arena for a rnage of characters to undergo a test of conscience - their treatment of a beggar.
The Director: Igor Pietkiewicz
The World: Maja Czapla
King: Piotr Kajewski
Beauty: Sylwia Janowicz
Richman: Mirek Okuniewicz
Peasant Man: Arkadiusz Węgielski
Peasant Woman: Izabela Nowakowska
Beggar: Agnieszka Jasińska
Child: Joanna Gierszewska
Directed by: Jean Jones
Technician: Dave Karel
Choreographer: Alina Banach

The Fathers that Begat Us, Uniwersytet Łódzki
Based on an idea suggested by Professor Irena Janicka-Świderska, The Fathers that Begat Us is a combination of three plays: Dziady, part 2 by Adam Mickiewicz, and Purgatory and Dreaming of the Bones by W.B.Yeats. All three plays explore issues of history, morality and nationality through the means of ghosts, but all show the relationship between humans and ghosts to be a problematic one: the Old Man in Purgatory finds his actions cannot undo the actions of the past, and Dziady powerfully shows that those who try to raise ghosts chosen in part because of the opportunities offered by them for choral movement and voice work and their suitability for the very individual ethos of the group's working methods, The rich and sensitive translation of Dziady used in the production is by Magdalena Cieślak and Tomasz Dobrogoszcz.
Stranger: Mariusz Andryszczyk
Sowa: Acorn Broad
Young Man: Tomasz Dobrogoszcz
Anioł: Magdalena Cieślak
Boy: Tomasz Jeśman
Kruk: Paweł Kozłowski
Old Man: Marek Kosmala
Dziewczyna: Natalia Mamul
Young Girl: Ewa Matczak
Widmo: Jacek Matwiejczyk
Guślarz: Marcin Rudy
Anioł: Małgorzata Tomczyk
Frist Musician: Lisa Stam
Directed by: Melanie Nranton and the cast
Stage crew: Elżbieta Boczkowska, Michał Lachman

Harry's Christmas, Theatre Forum, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicz, Poznań
Theatre Forum's fist project, Harry's Christmas by Steven Berkoff, was conceived as a theatre-in-education piece aimed at matriculation candidates and accompanied by vocabulaty lists and a workshop. The show has been specially re-directed for the Gdańsk Festival. It has been performed in many schools in and around Poznań. A second show on environmental issues for pupil aged 13 - 16 is in production. The company is sponsored by J&J Consulting and ICI.
Worried about his popularity, counting his Christmas cards, wracked by self-doubt, Harry Glebe bravely faces another Christmas alone. Then there are the ex-girlfriends and mother to consider. And why doesn't the bloody phone ring?
Harry Glebe: Graham Crawford
Directed by: Clare Smith
Lights and sound: Clare Smith

Nightingale no 1, Theatre of the Mind's Eye, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
Inspired by Hamlet Machine as directed by Robert Frost, but applied to material of the group's own making the play basically resembles five small tins of tomato puree.
Philomel: Aneta Marczuk
Tiresias: Anna Kośka
Grzegorz: Jacek Biedawski
Ruth: Kinga Olszewska
Bacchus: Karina Grabowska
Directed by: Graham Crawford and the group
Lights and sound: Graham Crawford

Vinegar Tom, The Lab Theatre, University of Utah, Slat Lake City, USA
Vinegar Tom by Caryl Churchill begins with a man and a woman in a ditch in November, and ends with two women hanged, two more about to hang, and a fifth on her way to an enforced marriage. The casue of this disrupiotn of an English provincial village is listed as witchcraft, bu the real disease is fear and guilt. An old woman refused charity mutters her discontent at a neighbour, whose cow dies - a sign of witchcraft. A young woman without a future indulges her present sexually - a sign of witchcraft. A sickly woman with several childrean aborts her pregnancy - a sign of witchcraft. A teenager runs away rather than marry - a sign of witchcraft. An aging woman feels her husband slipping away - a sign of witchcraft. A cunning woman heals without a licence - a sign of witchcraft. To the village comes a man whose profession is the finding of witches - and they are found!
The events Caryl Churchill describes in Vinegar Tom actually happened to women in rural England in the 1640s - and perhaps to as many as nine million other women over a period od 300 years throughout the Old and New Worlds. Nevertheless, this dark twilight of the provincial past is less disturbing than the musical shafts of light which reming ud that the days of economic and religious oppression and projected sexual guilt are far from over - the "gender and disease" attitudes, which however beautifully sung and danced, still ask the questions: "Who are the witches now? Would they have hanged you then?"
This production of Vinegar Tom originated at the University of Utah aDepartment of Theatre in October, 1995. It is directed by prof. Richard Scharine, whose involvement with the Festival in Gdańsk goes back to 1993, when he appeared in Maybe Theatre Company's productions of Canturbury Tales and Dock Brief, and, with his wife Marilyn, presented the Polish premiere of Love Letters. Prof. Scharine also directed the provocative Gurlz for the 1994 Festival and hilarious Stage Blood, which was a tremendous success at the Festival in 1995.
Alice: Saren Nofs-Snyder
Joan: Maxine Summers
Jack: Dean Anderson
Margery: Tommie St.Cyr
Susan: Schaela Swallow
Ellen: Karen Alexander
Betty: Teresa Volgenau
Goody: Marilyn Scharine
The Man: Robin Youngberg
Directed by: Richard Scharine
Composer / music director / accompanist: Paul Boruff
Choreographer: Teresa Volgenau
Stage Manager: Jeff Williams
Light Design: Michael Wescoatt
Costume Deisgn: Merilyn Scharine

Organising Team:
Festival Director: Mikołaj Kugler
Secretary: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Coorinator: Maria Fengler
Stage Manager: Cyprian Estemberg
Properties: Jean Ward
Workshops: Joanna Wiśniewska
Accommodation: Agnieszka Wróblewska
Accompanying Events: Katarzyna Borucka, Katarzyna Rukojć, Jarosław Ziętek
Treasurer: Mikołaj Kugler
Public Relations and Publicity: Zbigniew Weinar, Karolina Podraza, Patrycjusz Zamorski, Adam Zalewski
Poster and cover design: Monika Zawierowska

With special thanks to:
Ms Susan Maingay and The British Council, Warsaw
Sevretary and Librarians of the English Institute, Gdańsk University
The Management and Staff of the Teatr Miniatura
The Management and Staff of the Dom Nauczyciela
Antoni Szczyt, head of the Municipal Transport Department
Zakład Komunikacji Miejskiej
All members and friends of Maybe Theatre Company, too numerous to mention, who have helped in the organisation of the event

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