The 10th Festival of Drama in English


1st AprilBedroom Farce, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
2nd AprilJust a second, Poznań
A midsummer night's dream, England
3rd AprilA few drops of Lemon, Łódź
Wandering, Kraków
Countdown and Night, Maybe Theatre Company
4th AprilThe Orgy, Łódź
Elephant's child, Słupsk
What a gory bedtime story, Leszno
5th AprilUs and them, Gdańsk
Peanuts, Poznań
6th AprilTrains, Poznań
Stage blood, USA
7th AprilMother McFadden, Lublin
The high window, England

Bedroom Farce, Maybe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Gdański
Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce is a play for four men and four women. Ernest and Delia go out to a dinner to celebrate their wedding anniversary. When this is a failure, they return home and prepare to celebrate with pilchards on toast in bed. Malcolm and Kate are preparing a house-warming party; Nick and Jan have been invited to this, but Nick has hurt his back and prepares to rest quietly in bed. All three preparations are doomed, however, to disaster by the marital problems of Trevor and his wife, who descend on each couple in turn, leaving chaos in their wake, finally taking over the bedroom (and bed) of the long-suffering Malcolm and Kate. The three bedrooms are presented simultaneously on stage and action flows in and out from one to another during this hectic night.
Ernest: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Delia: Jean Ward
Nick: Zbigniew Weinar
Jan: Dorota Pomorska
Malcolm: Andrzej Koczan
Kate: Agata Ostrowska
Trevor: Patrycjusz Zamorski
Susannah: Joanna Pasternak
Make up: Ania Szynkaruk
Properties: Marzena Rogalska, Kasia Zajączkowska
Lighting: Agnieszka Fiećko-Wolańska
Stage Manager: Małgorzata Chrzan
Set design, technical director: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Produced and directed by: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

Just a second, Poznań Fringe Theatre Company, Uniwersystet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
The ultimate love story, bu it is not casual.
Him: Paweł Sakowski
Her: Magdalena Dul
Written and directed by: Paweł Sakowski

A Midsummer Night's Dream, Tilt Theatre Company, England
After their highly acclaimed Twelfth Night, "the company made sense and new meaning of every word bringing out the brilliance of the text and humour with performances that were funny, energised and when appropriate beautiful. Tilt lifts the blindfold on the magical twists of fate in Shakespeare's lyrical comedy."
Directed by: Susan Colverd
Aegeus: Susan Colverd
Tytania, Helena: Felicity Ross
Puck: Jo Bousfield
Hermia: Judy Emmet
Demetrius, Theseus: Piers Nimmo
Lysander, Oberon: Peter Nicholas
Barbara Hutchins: Stage Manager

A few drops of lemon, Uniwersytet Łódzki
A few drops of lemon is an improvisation-based play loosely inspired by a Spanish film. It shows how this the veneer of civilization is by examining what happens when a group of wealthy socialites find themselves unexpectedly trapped in a room. Without a few drops of etiquette their baseness stinks.
Margaret: Ewa Matczak
Murray: Paweł KozłowskI
Anthony: Marek Gogolewski
Wayne: Marek Kosmala
Clare: Małgorzata Tomczyk
Doctor: Jacek Matwiejczyk
David: Tomasz Dobrogoszcz
Candy: Melanie Branton
Patricia: Kinga Skrętkowicz
William: Mariusz Andryszczuk
Fiona: Natalia Mamul
Harriet: Lisa Stam
Production team: Penelope Knowles, Zoran Gogolewski, Lovejoy Acorn Broad

Wandering, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków
Wandering is a short and swift play written by the American writer Lanford Wilson. The skit runs through "Him's" life, with the constant shadow of "She" and "He" who pressure "Him" to fulfill various social norms. The play's message lies within its brusque dialogue and abstract method o presentation.
Directed by: Danuta Łapińska
Cast: Adam Musiał, Bogna Łapińska, Barbara Poważa, Izabela Murzyn, Agnes Mikołajczyk, Mariusz Zadrąg, Kazimiera Jakacka, Jarosław Kmieć

Countdown and Night, Maybe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Gdański
Countdown by Alan Ayckbourn
Husband: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Wife: Cynthia Goatley
Night by Harold Pinter
Man: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Woman: Cynthia Goatley
Both plays directed by: Cynthia Goatley and Tadeusz Z. Wolański

The Orgy, Boat Theatre Group, Uniwersytet Łódzki
The Orgy, a comedy from Documents from Hell, a series of 6 plays by Enrique Buenaventura and Teatro Experimental de Cali, designed to be performed on a single day. An action-packed "orgy of art and rememberancy", it is a play about the problem of modern comedy. Universality is what characterises this play from Colombia - the survival in post-colonial countries interacting with the articiciality of democracy.
Old Woman: Joanna Stołecka
Her Son: Tomasz Siuta
Beggar 1: Joanna Kruczkowska
Beggar 2: Jadwiga Rogoża
Beggar 3: Radek Bajeński
Dwarf: Magdalena Szewczyk
Production Team: Adam Jakubczyk, Małgorzata Węgierek, Agnieszka Kwiecik

O Best Beloved, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Słupsk
The Just So Stories was Rudyard Kipling's own favourite among all his books. The stories were first told by Kipling to an eager nursery audience of his own children. In subjecta nd setting they range from animals to the origins of the alphabet and from prehistoric caves to jungle forests of Africa. O Best Beloved transfers one of these tales from the page to the idiom of the state whilst faithfully maintaining Kipling's unique use of language.
The Elephant's Child: Justyna Hryniewicz
The Ostrich, A Fever Tree: Katarzyna Perlińska
The Giraffe, The Bi-Colored Python Rock Snake: Darek Kuc
The Hippopotamus, A Fever Tree: Joanna Kajewska
The Baboon, A Fever Tree: Beata Kot
The Kolokolo Bird, the Crocodile: Paweł Daczkowski
Music by: Darek Głażewski & Hubert Ignatowicz
Directed by: Caryl Speed

What a gory bedtime story, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Leszno
A dramatisation of four poems from Roald Dahl's collection Revolting Rhymes. Fairy tales usually make excellent bedtime stories but this baby will probably end up having nighmares rather than sweet dreams - provided, of course, that we can get it to go to sleep at all.
Narrator - Granny (1): Iza Nowakowska
Narrator - Granny (2): Marlena Obiegła
Cinderella, Giant: Kinga Pappelbaum
Magic Fairy, Grandma, Cow: Ewelina Mochoł
Prince, Pig (2): Roman Martynów
Ugly Sister (2): Katarzyna Bożydaj
Jam Maker, Pig (3): Ania Kondracka
Narrator - Foxy Lady: Edyta Bogucka
Wolf: Tomasz Smoczyk
Red Riding Hood: Hanna Ośko
Narrator - Gentelman: Małgorzata Parecka
Jack: Bettina Ratajczak
Narrator - Rapper: Maja Bułyszko
Pig (1): Zbigniew Zub
Directed by: Diana Teesdale

Us and Them, We are, Gdańsk
Under the eyes of the all-seeing Recorder, two groups meet. They divide the land, first with a line, then with a wall. From there on the trouble begins. Us and Them is a play by David Compton, author of a large number of one act plays, ranging from "domestic comedy, through costume meloframa to comedy of malice".
Recorder: Anna Reszka
Spokesman A: Paulina Banach
Spokesman B: Jacek Mazur
A1: Anna Szynkaruk
B1: Karolina Banach, Joanna Kubik
A2: Paweł Majbaum, Aleksandra Pieczyńska
B2: Maria Witusik, Paweł Reszka
A3: Krystian Tanaś
B3: Monika Wojtkiewicz
Other As and Bs: Joanna Kubik, Tomasz Czapski Pruszak, Piotr Czapski Pruszak
Directed by: Anna Szynkaruk, Paulina Banach
Music: Jacek Mazur

Peanuts, Poznań Fringe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
It is the end of 1996 and Poland's "old złoty" is just out of circulation, with only the "new złoty" left. There is a problem with currency as it can be easily forged. The Polish government withdraws the currency and without money to obtain more currency, replaces it with peanuts. This is the setting for the play Peanuts, which is a comedy looking into the world of modern rural Polish shops.
The cast for Peanuts comes from a Modern English Theatre proseminar, the students coming from the third year at the English Institute of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. This is their first major theatrical endeavour and Peanuts will return to Poznań fro four charity performances at Teatr Maski. The play was written by Mark Bates, who direct his first public production in Poland. Together they represent a major effort towards establishing student theatre in Poznań
Mr Kowalski: Grzegorz Zacharewicz
Mrs Kowalski: Magdalena Węcławek
Monika: Magdalena Dul
Pani Domu: Joanna Silska
Pan Nowak: Miłosz Gil
Foreign Customer: Paweł Sakowski
Reporter: Marek Remiszewski
Technician: Wojciech Lis
Written and directed by: Mark Bates

Trains, The Theatre of the Mind's Eye, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
The Theatre of the Mind's Eye was founded in September 1994. This is their first production. The company is mostly drawn from students at the Institute of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, although they are open to all who may wish to work with them. Their intention is to create strong, visual theatre professionally put together by amateuts. The production exists in Polish (for Poles), in English (for Brits, Yanks and Polish anglophiles) and in the universal language of theatre.
Written and directed by: Graham Crawford
Cast: Jacek Biedawski, Karina Grabowska, Aneta Marczuk, Anna Kośka, Kinga Olszewska

Stage Blood, Falling Skys Theatre Company, USA
Charles Ludlam's Stage Blood is an uproarious comedy/murder mystery revolving around a second rate touring theatre company reviving its production of Hamlet on the road. However, when the actore palying the ghost of Hamlet's Father turns up dead, the result is explosive pandemonium. Charle Ludlam is the creator of the Ridiculous Theatre Company and his plays have been produced internationally. This play is produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Inc.
Stage Blood is directed by Richard Scharine of the University of Utah's Theatre Department. Richard directed Cinders for Falling Skys last autumn and has entrusted them with this tour to Poland. Stage Blood will be the second productoin Richard has sent to the Festival, following last year's provocative Gurlz, which were originally staged at the Lab Theatre.
Directed by: Richard Scharine
Stage Manager: Erika Johnson
Sets and Costumes by: Jon Sizemore
Helga Stone: Holly Claspill
James Jenkins: Wilton Koernig
Carlton Stone Jr.: Mark Larson
Carlton Stone Sr.: Lynnard Peterson
Elfie Fey: Schauna Scott
Edmund Dundreary: James D. Webb

Mother McFadden, Maria Curie Maquers, Uniwersytet Marii Curie Skłodowskiej, Lublin
Mother McFadden, written by William Lang of Tucson, Arizona, was given a staged reading by the Irish Theatre Arts Center at St Ambrose, Hollywood, California, on the 3rd of August 1994. The play, yet another irreverent Irish-American comedy, was received by the audience at St Ambrose with a curious mixture of adulation, condemnation, derision, laughter, and high praise.
Written and directed by: William A. Lang
Assistant director: Paweł Frelik
Mrs McFadden: Klaudia Wengorek
Louis McFadden: Tomasz Jasiński
Caroline Del Veccio: Magdalena Bucka
Stage Manager: Sylwia Lipiec
Dramaturg: Dorota Janowska
Publicity: Małgorzata Warmińska
Technician: Ewa Przednówek

The High Window, Tilt Theatre Company, England
Related by a female survivor of sexual abuse, the play charts the journey of a sister's and brother's childhood - fantasy and fact, the escape and the acceptance - with live music and poetry, The High Window gives an unforgettable insight into what goes on behind closed doors.
Written and directed by: Susan Colverd
The Friend: Felicity Ross
The Woman: Jo Bousfield
The Mother: Judy Emmet
The Brother: Piers Nimmo
The Father: Peter Nicholas
Stage Manager: Barbara Hutchins

Organising Team:
Festival Director: Maria Fengler
Stage Manager: Małgorzata Chrzan
Assistant Stage Manager: Cyprian Estemberg
Accommodation: Agnieszka Wróblewska
Workshops: Adam Rusiłowski
Accompanying Events: Joanna Wiśniewska, Marzena Rogalska
Treasurer: Mikołaj Kugler
Public Relations and Publicity: Zbigniew Weinar, Jolanta Kreft, Joanna Pasternak
Poster and cover design: Monika Zawierowska

With special thanks to: Mr Ian Seaton and Mr David Kirwan of the British Council
Secretary of the English Institute, Gdańsk University
Librarians of the English Institute, Gdańsk University
The Management and Staff of the Teatr Miniatura
The Management and Staff of the Dom Nauczyciela
English Unlimited
Fundacja Theatrum Gedanense
Teatr Wybrzeże
Mr Antoni Szczyt, Municipal Transport Department
Zakład Komunikacji Miejskiej
Klub Studencki Korund
All members and friends of Maybe Theatre Company, too numerous to mention, who have helped in the organisation of the event.

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