Santa Show

Christmas fair is coming and Maybe Theatre Company presents two unique shows, during which MTC members sing songs from last year's Christmas Show.
In the first Santa Show we sing a set of popular songs about Santa Claus together with some Christmas songs from previous years.
The second one Christmas Show introduces us into the Christmas mood with the most famous and popular english songs.
Jarek Ziętek, the musical director, is the leader of Ziętek Band group. He plays guitar, while Artur Jurek - plays piano.
Starting: Asia Knitter and many talented and popular members of MTC. Good weather and Christmas atmosphere guaranteed!

Santa Show - 3.XII, 15.30, scena muzyczna, Targ Węglowy
Christmas Show - 16.XII, 17.00, scena muzyczna, Targ Węglowy
Both concerts are free!

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