The Ghost Train
by Arnold Ridley

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The Ghost Train

Ive often wanted to pull the communication-cord. It's such a refreshing idea; dont you think so? Teddie's practical joke lands him, along with a group of other tired train passengers, in the middle of nowhere at Fale Vale Station in Cornwall, the land of superstition, windswept coasts and legendary smugglers. The next train to Truro is not for another nine hours and the weather outside is terrible. To make matters worse, it just so happens that this very night is the night, legend has it, the Ghost Train comes a-screaming and a-tearing through with all its whistles a-blowin. And if all that wasn't bad enough, They do say that to look upon the ghost train do mean death, warns Saul, the stationmaster, before he mysteriously drops dead. The passengers are left to face the danger utterly alone.

Who will survive the night the Ghost Train rides again?

Arnold Ridleys melodramatic classic has held audiences in suspense since its first performance in 1921. Set in a world without mobile phones or other modern means of communication, it relies on the power of legend, fear and imagination to create a plot full of unexpected twists and shocks.

A thoroughly entertaining and scary evening of fun.

Director: Penny Shefton
Producer: Maria Fengler

December 2006

Friday 15th, 19:00 (press preview)
Saturday 16th, 17:00 and 19:30
Sunday 17th, 17:00

January 2007

Friday 12th, 19:00
Saturday 13th, 17:00 and 19:30

Teatr Miniatura, Gdańsk

0-507 29 03 93

Adults: 18 PLN
Students: 15 PLN
Groups (10 people): 12 PLN
Special discount for SKM season ticket holders - 3PLN less for both adults and students

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