Bits and pieces of Irvine Welsh

invites you to see
songs from the films Trainspotting and The Acid House
Scenes from Irvine Welsh's novels selected and adapted by Jarek Ziętek

Musical director: Jarek Ziętek

Guitar: Jarek Ziętek
Keyboards: Artur Jurek
Percussion: Maciej Dombrowski

Directed by: Jarek Ziętek and Tadeusz Z. Wolański

Iza Bieszk
Ala Jankowska
Asia Wolska
Jakub Bartnicki
Paweł Drożdż
Paul Saunders
Zbyszek Weinar
Tadeusz Z. Wolański

Produced by: Jarek Ziętek and Tadeusz Z. Wolański

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Absinthe (next to Teatr Wybrzeże) Thursday 16 March 21.00
Students Club Ygrek (ul. Polanki) Monday 20 March 21.00
Bar Atelier (Sopot) Friday 24 March 19.00

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