The Teacher's Nightmare
by Magdalena Komorowska

It's May, it's Exam Time, it's a bad time for Students, it's a hard time for Teachers and for Maggie it's a Nightmare. A Teacher's Nightmare. Magda Komorowska's delightful entertainment follows her heroine, Maggie, through a day at a notable educational institution, where nothing is what it seems. Last minute substitutions, insolent students, unexpected presentations, sausage-brandishing mothers, amorous school inspectors and, to top it all, no classroom available. Even the toilets are occupied (by guess who!). So who will save this innocent of instruction, this empress of education, this titan of teaching? Will it be Professor Verse and his poetry, will it be the department handyman and his bag of tricks, will it be the aromatic secretary and her love of lists?
Or will it be the omnipresent ladies that DO who will rush to her aid.

May - the month everyone loves!!! So, before examination fever really sets in, give yourselves a well-earned break from books, notes and computer screens and come on down
to TEATR MINIATURA on May 31st and June 1st to see what Education is about...someone has to laugh at it ... YOU!

On both days the performance will be followed at 19.00 by
a concert by Maybe Theatre Company and the Jarek Ziętek Band.

Maggie Problem - an English Teacher: Magdalena Komorowska
Mrs Book - her boss: Vinga Reichelt
Mrs Push - her colleague & A Secretary: Alicja Jankowska
A Teaching Inspector: Jakub Bartnicki
Professor X: Ula Srebrowska

A baseball cap student: Konrad Daniel
A Funeral Student: Karolina Chroł
A Student's Mother: Katarzyna Michalska
Adrian - the mother's son & An Electrician: Kuba Głombiowski
Exam Teacher & Prof Verse: Adam Stawarz
Exam Student: Joanna Motyka
Cleaning Lady 1 & Intelligent Student: Piotr Stencel
Cleaning Lady 2: Piotr Sawicki

Production Team
Directed by: Penny Shefton
Costumes: Karolina Chro?
Sound Recording & Mastering: Paweł Lewandowski
Sound & Lighting: Adam Kaufhold, Przemysław Waszkiewicz (Sound Eng. of the concert) with the staff of Teatr Miniatura
Stage Management: Ewa Pujdak, Julia Ja¶kowska
Publicity: Xawery Szymkowiak
Front of House: Anna Stencel & Gosia Głombiowska with members of MTC
Produced by: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

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