Gosia Stencel and Tadeusz Z. Wolański in
by Willy Russell

Hairdresser Rita feels that life has passed her by. She wants an education. But does Frank have anything to teach her?

Willy Russell's play gives a hilarious and often moving account of a young woman's determination to change her life.

Frank: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Rita: Gosia Stencel

Directed by: Penny Shefton and Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Produced by: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Stage Management: Dagmara Kaczmarzyk, Julia Ja¶kowska
Poster: Krzysztof Wasielewski
Music: Piotr Stencel
Publicity: Ania Stencel, Ania Sankowska, Gosia Grzybowska
Set: Magda Czarnecka, Marek Hallmann, Piotr Stencel, Piotr Sawicki, Kuba Głombiowski, Łukasz 'poziomka' Drobnik

Educating Rita - Photo Gallery

Thanks to:
Everyone at Teatr Wybrzeże (Gdańsk and Sopot) in particular to:
Maciej Nowak, Bruno Sobczak, Czesław Krok, Iwona Gawrońska, Iwona Korsak, Jola Zawadzka, Adam Rusiłowski, Krystyna Winiarska, Krzysztof B±k

and also to:
Krzysztof Wasielewski, Gosia Schulz, Julia Ja¶kowska, Kasia Mostowska, and Ewa Godziuk (Institute of English UG)
Krzy¶ Kara¶ and Ruda (British Centre), dr Jean Ward
ELS-Bell, Montex-Nord, "Szakale z Ibibi"
The Committee and Members of Maybe Theatre Company

Radio Eska Nord

Andrzej Kanthak, Honorary British Consul in Gdańsk

27, 28 FEBRUARY 2001
1, 2, 3, 4 MARCH 2001
Teatr Kameralny, Sopot

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