MTC's Hunchback of Notre Dame

Production Team
Directed by Bartosz Zamojski
Assistant Director Alicja Jankowska
Assisted by Adam Kaufhold

Designer and Musical Director Przemysław Waszkiewicz
Choirmaster Amelia Grubba

Choreography by Kaja Skwara
Poster and Costume Design by Karolina Chroł

Publicity Xawery Szymkowiak
Stage Manager Agnieszka Gibowska

Followspots Maciej Głombiowski, Szymon G?ombiowski, Jakub Sikorski

Produced by Tadeusz Z. Wolański

* Esmeralda: Alicja Jankowska
* Quasimodo: Adam Kaufhold
* Phoebus: Xawery Szymkowiak
* Frollo: Bartosz Zamojski
* Laverne: Danuta Kocieniewska
* Victor: Aleksander Neyman
* Hugo: Jakub Głombiowski
* Clopin: Jakub Bartnicki
* Archdeacon: Krzysztof Kocieniewski
* Guard 1: Paweł Lewandowski
* Guard 2: Piotr Czynsz
* Lambert: Marcin Przybylski
* Guards: Robert Kowalczys, Adam Stawarz, Wojmir Strza?kowski
* Gypsies & Citizens: Lucyna Bolin, Anna Borman, Adriana Bosnegeanu, Anna Bulik, Natalia Chomuszko, Izabela Dettlaff, Wojciech Gostkowski, Edyta Jachyra, Sara ?ukasik, Joanna Motyka, Hanna Pietrzak, Vinga Reichelt, Justyna Sta?czewska,Anna Strzelczak, Marta Szumko, Monika Szwejk, Agnieszka Zakrzewska
* Children: Gosia Chomuszko, Martynka Chomuszko, Julka Jacewicz

MTC's Hunchback of Notre Dame

The occupied Paris of 1944. General Frollo, the chief of the Secret German Police has been ruling Paris for four years, trying as he might to get rid of all the ethnic minorities. His past is a mystery but Notre Dame with its bell-ringer Quasimodo are known to have played a relevant part in his life. That is why Frollo keeps the hunchback (whom he considers a monster) in isolation and does not let anybody discover his secret. Meanwhile, during the Festival of Fools, Gypsies under the leadership of Clopin are preparing for an uprising against the occupiers. Frollo decides to recall from the front Captain Phoebus and with his help clear the city of all 'parasites'. Presenting to the captain the situation in Paris, he starts from the festival. Quasimodo, craving contact with real people and not only his imagined friends, also decides to sneak out of the cathedral and join the party. This is where the lives of all three of them become bound together because of Esmeralda, the Gypsy girl, who will stir their hearts and change the tracks of future events. She will also face each of them with a choice, which will prove who in fact is a monster and who is a man...

Victor Hugo (1802-1885) a French poet, playwright, novelist, politician deeply involved in the matters of the Romantic period, he was one of the most extraordinary individualities of the 19th century in France. 'Notre Dame de Paris' is his most famous novel and it has been adapted by many film and theatre directors. Among the most popular adaptations we may name the silent classic from 1923, the later version starring Anthony Quinn and the other one starring Anthony Hopkins. Among more recent adaptations we may name two: the musical Notre Dame de Paris with Garou as Quasimodo and an animated version from Walt Disney's studio, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Photo Gallery

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A Guy Like You (Hugo, Victor, Laverne)
God Help The Outcasts (Esmeralda)
Out there (Quasimodo)
Hellfire (Frollo)
The Bells of Notre Dame (Clopin & all)


Up there, high in the bell tower
(1.6 MB)

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