musical by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill

John Gay wrote The Beggars' Opera in the 18th century. In the 1920s Brecht updated the story and turned it into a musical in collaboration with Kurt Weill. Maybe Theatre Company's production will be set in the Gdańsk of 2001, with modern costumes and musical arrangements. The story tells of Macheath, the head of a gang of criminals who would like to be a businessman, and his adventures with various low-life characters - gangsters, prostitutes and beggars - and corrupt policemen. Does all this sound familiar from today's newspapers and television? History repeats itself!

Directed and Produced by Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Musical director Jarek Ziętek

Musical was played 20th - 29th April 2001 in Audytorium Akademii Muzycznej Gedania in Gdańsk, ul. Dyrekcyjna 2 (next to "Zieleniak")

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