The Canterbury Tales

In the fourteenth century Canterbury was the most popular place of pilgrimage in England. This town, about ninety kilometres from London, was the burial-place of St Thomas a Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, murdered in the Cathedral in 1170 by Henry II's knights. Chaucer made use of this fact to write one of the masterpieces of medieval English literature in which, according to the original plan, each of the thirty pilgrims would tell two tales on the way to Canterbury and two on the way back. Chaucer worker on the tales from 1387 to 1400 but never completed this cycle. He has, however, left us with some magnificent tales, particularly the comic ones. In this selection we shall meet some truly memorable characters - the Host of the Tabatd Inn in Southwart where the pilgrims spent their last night begore starting their journey, Chaucer himself, the drunken Miller, the hypocritical Friar, the choleric Reeve, the very experienced Wife of Bath, the foolish Carpenter, the grasping Summoner, the ever-thirsty Pardoner, some wonderful animals, and many more!

Geoffrey Chaucer
The last evidence suggests that Chaucer was born in London in 1343, so this year we are celebrating the 650th anniversary of the birth of one of England's greatest literary figures, possibly second only to Shakespeare. Chaucer was very well educated and spoke French, Italian and Latin, which helped him gain employment in the diplomatic and civil services. His most famous works are The Book of the Duchess, The House of Fame, Troilus and Criseyde, The Parliament of Fowls and The Canterbury Tales. Chaucer died in 1400.

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Act I
Chaucer: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski
The Host: Michael Griffiths
The Miller: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
The Reeve: Mirosław Szafrański

The Miller's Tale
The Carpenter: Richard Scharine
Alison, his wife: Olga Sypuła, Karolina Kasprzak
Nicholas, a Student: Piotr Spławski
Absalon, an Altar-boy: Zbigniew Weinar
Robin, a Serving-boy: Krzysztof Bobrowski
Gervase, a Smith: Jorgen Veisland

The Reeve's Tale
The Manciple: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski
The Warden: Michael Griffiths
John, a Student: Agnieszka O¶kiewicz
Alan, a Student: Iwona Plata
The Miller: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
The Miller's Wife: Małgorzata Zakaszewska
The Miller's Daughter: Dorota Pomorska

Act II
The Wife of Bath: Marilyn Scharine
The Pardoner: Jorgen Veisland

The Pardoner's Tale
Rioter I: Iwona Plata
Rioter II: Agnieszka O¶kiewicz
Rioter III: Mikołaj Kugler
Tavern-knave: Krzysztof Bobrowski
Old man: Michael Griffiths
Apothecary: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski
The Friar: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

The Friar's Tale
The Summoner: Richarad Scharine
The Yeoman: Mirosław Szafrański
The Widow: Marilyn Scharine

The Summoner's Tale
The Friar: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Thomas: Leszek Ryniak
Thomas's Wife: Karolina Wenzel

The Nun's Priest's Tale
Chanticleer: Adam Rusiłowski
Lady Pertelote: Dorota Pomorska
The Fox: Mirosław Szafrański
The Widow: Marilyn Scharine
Chorus of Hens: Katarzyna Bójko, Małgorzata Helman, Agnieszka Kunc, Joanna Lewandowska, Magdalena Trynkowska, Małgorzata Waszczuk

Production team:
Stage Manager: Tomasz Szerkus
Properties: Katarzyna Gamon, Adrianna Pryc
Costumes: Agnieszka Idzikowska, Katarzyna Kruczkowska
Make-up and hair: Agnieszka Dołhy, Beata Majewska, Anna Szynkaruk, Iwona Wi¶niewska
Lighting: Jean Ward, Agnieszka Fiećko
Sound: Mark Quinn
Photography: Edyta Duh
Public Relations: Zbigniew Weinar
Production Designers: Joanna Ciecholewska, Andrzej Szafranowicz, Piotr Szafranowicz, Jakub Szymański
Choir Master: Mariusz Mróz
Musicians: Jarosław Ziętek (lute), Beata Bartelik (woodwind), Maciej Dombrowski (drum)
Technical Director: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Musical Director: Jarosław Ziętek
Producer: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Adapted and directed by: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski

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