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A Traditional English Christmas Pantomime

Musical director: Jarosław Ziętek
Directed and produced by: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

Miniatura Theatre, Gdańsk
15-18 December 1993

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Everyone knows the story of Cinderella - known in Poland as Kopciuszek - but a few sentences might help to explain what you will be seeing on the stage today. Cinderella lives with her two Ugly Sisters, Tutti and Frutti, their father, Baron Hardup, their servant, Buttons, and their horse, Dobbin. The Baron is always short of money and he has to be careful when the Broker's Men - Rag, Tag and Bobtail - come to get back the money he owes.
In the palace lives the King with his son, Prince Charming, and his valet, Dandini. The King wants his son to get married so he organises a ball to which every lady in the land is to be invited. Dandini meets Little Miss Muffet from the local inn and falls in love with her. The Prince meets Cinderella and they fall in love.
Will everything have a happy end? Will the Fairy Godmother make everyone's dreams come true? Wait and see!

Little Miss Muffeet
Little Miss Muffet does not really belong in the Cinderella story - she comes from a completely separate nursery rhyme, but that is all part of the strange world of patomime!

Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet (kępka trawy)
Eating her curds and whey (zsiadłe mleko)
Down came a spider and sat down beside her
And frightened Miss Muffet away

Pantomime: An English dramatic performance, originally consisting of actions without speech, but in its further developement consisting of a dramatized tale, the denouement of which is a transormation scene. Now a feature of the Christmas holidays.

Pantomime, as known today, is a form of entertainment all on its own, derived from a numer of different sources - the commedia dell'arte, the ballet, the opera, the music hall, and the realms of folk - lore and fairy tale. This strange mixture has created a strange world where men are women and women are men, where the present is mixed up with the past, where piople are hit but nor hurt, where fun is poked at everything and everyone. Pantomime is a world full of magic, a land where dreams come true. In other words it is a world of fun - for the actors as well as the audience.

Pantomime demands a particular style of playing and production. The acting must be larger than life and full of energy. Much of it must be aimed directly at the audience. Sometimes the action even escapes from the stage into the audience. Pantomime deliberately breaks down the "fourth wall" between the stage and the auditorium and the audience is encouraged to participate in the show. We hope you will enter into the spirit of the evening and really enjoy the show!

Dandini: Agnieszka O¶kiewicz
Little Miss Muffeet: Iwona Plata
Prince Charming: Agata Ostrowska
Baron Hardup: Tomasz P. Krzeszowski
Buttons: Mark Quinn
Cinderella: Dorota Pomorska
Tutti: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Frutti: Mikołaj Kugler
Fairy Godmother: Beata Janiszewska
Rag: Adriana Pryc
Tag: Kasia Rukojć
Bobtail: Ania Hajek
King: Adam Rusiłowsk
Dobbin: Magda Warzyniak, Maciej Widawski

Rat: Robert Pietrzak
Coachman: Krystian Tanas
Lizard 1: Ania Szynkaruk
Lizard 2: Irena Moszczyńska
Footman 1: Aleksandra Pieczyńska
Footman 2: Joasia Wi¶niewska
Mouse 1: Ania Gosiewska
Mouse 2: Magda Suszycka
Horse 1: Monika Wojtkiewicz
Horse 2: Paulina Banach

Technical team:
Stage management: Joanna Pasternak, Krzysztof Bobrowski, A¶ka Chudek
Lighting: Agnieszka Fiećko-Wolańska, Jean Ward
Choreography: Magdalena Krupa, Aleksandra Luc
Costumes: Aleksandra Lempa, Dorota Nowicka, Ola R±czka, Mira Ustarbowska
Make-up: Agnieszka Dołhy, Ania Szynkaruk, Iwona Wi¶niewska
Set design and construction: Sławomir Witkowski, Ewa Bekasiewicz, Aleksandra Lempa, Iwona Piotrkowska, Joanna Zastóżna
Publicity: Maria Fengler
Cartoons: Maciej Widawski
Poster: Martyna Krauze
Properties: Agnieszka Rogalska, Marzena Rogalska, Karolina Wenzel
Musical director and original music by: Jarosław Ziętek
Drums: Maciej Dombrowski
Bass: Aleksander Rzepczyński
Violin: Jacek Ronkiewicz
Director, producer, technical director and original lyrics by: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

Maybe Theatre Company wants to thank Teatr Wybrzeże for lending the costumes.

Sponsored by: Prime, Centrum Językowe

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