Low Level Panic

Clare McIntyre

"What are you thinking about?"
Mary feels like a subject. "I’m a thing, we all are just things to farting"

Jo feels fat."I feel huge,I feel ugly and sloppy. I don’t feel good"

Celia feels that she still have to show herself from the best side. "I feel no one without make-up."
Do men lose as much time as we worrying about figure?
"Of course not. Men do not have a figure. They have work,great cars and more important things on their minds."

Low Level Panic is like a permanent fear in women’s life, the fear which comes from violence, ignorance and greed-material and sexual.
The play of Clare McIntyre shows the influence of this fear on three women when "they clean and moisten their faces", they put on make-up, get drunk and dye hair in the most female sanctuary-bathroom.

Low Level Panic - Photo Gallery

Low Level Panic was performed on 22nd March 2002 in YESTERDAY club (ul. Piwna 50/51 Gdańsk) and in Malarnia in Wybrzeże Theatre.

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