Queen Christina

Queen Christina Queen Christina shows the life of Swedish Queen from XVII century, daughter of great Lutherans defender, king Gustav Adolf. As she was brought up for a monarch, she despises women and femininity. She was frustrated because of being manipulated in a succession game, she also feels emptiness in her soul.

In response to that situation she abdicates, leaves and tries to find the solutions in Rome, Christians belief and philosophical discussion. Pam Gems play shows whole life of Christine, concentrating on single events to find out if that politically independent woman really gain the success.

Director: Penny Shefton
Production: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Choreography: Karolina Mularczyk

The play was performed in St.John's Church, ul. Świętojańska, Gdańsk on 30.III - 7.IV.2001.

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