The Teapot Club


The Teapot Club is inviting you all to a topical, thought-provoking, theatrical treat.

It is the outcome of MTC members weekly meetings at UG for a cup of tea, biscuits, and playreadings.

Cutting vegetables used to be a routine kitchen chore. Nowadays, its quite different.
What you hear, is not what you see; start reading between the lines to survive.

Director: Penny Shefton
Cast: Barbara Kubica, Jagoda Ratajczak, Gabriela Sejbuk, Tomasz Łapiński, Michał Dałek, Paulina Felska, Marek Szulc

Where? Theatre Hall no. 19 (University of Gdańsk) Faculaty of Languages, Neophilology 51 Wita Stwosza St, Gdańsk

When? Sunday March 13th at 6pm

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