Henna Night

by Amy Rosenthal

dir. Penny Shefton

...You left a message. All right? On our machine, last night, you left a message. It was the sort of message that demands a response. So, Im responding....open the bloody door.

Two women, one man  twos company, three is a crowd. Is it that easy? Whats the ideal ratio? Does the winner take it all? Who is the winner?

Add a packet of henna powder, a cup of tea and a water system that arbitrarily shuts off when youve just put a mudpack on your head and the scene is set for an evening of fireworks, cutting remarks, wry humour and sparklers.

It may not be Bonfire Night, but this is the time to come in from the cold. The motion up for debate this evening is: Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

A small affair, nothing that will change the world, alter the heavens, move continents  just something that happens every day, every hour to most everyone.

Time to wash your troubles right out of your hair.

Judith - Patrycja Po¶piech
Ros - Aleksandra Kotapska

Duration of the play: 1h 15min.

Theatre Hall,
Neophilology, University of Gdańsk
51 Wita Stwosza St, Gdańsk

Sunday 17rg April at 7 pm

Admission free.
Reservations: http://hennanightatug.evenea.pl//

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