dir. Penny Shefton

"There comes a day, when there is only a forest
And you have to live in it forever"

Adapted by Maybe Theatre Company from John Bergers triptych style story, The Three Lives of Lucy Cabrol is an interpretation of this strangely magical text through imagery and voices.

Using movement combined with a chorus approach to dialogue, this short piece conjures up an eerily atmospheric back drop on which Lucys three, radically different lives are played out.

Physically simple yet clear, the piece attempts to convey the essence of Bergers tale through use of the actors body as an abstract means of communication, working in tandem with the unadorned harmony created by the human voice.

Thematically, The Three Lives of Lucie Cabrol touches upon issues such as the clash between nature and civilization and the universal conundrum of individuality and otherness against the crowd and compliance.

16th May (Friday) at 10 am and 11:30 am(schools)
17th May (Saturday) at 7pm and 8 pm
18th May (Sunday) at 6pm and 7pm

KLUB WINDA ul. Racławicka 17 (Gdańsk Wrzeszcz)


24th May (Saturday) at 7 pm and 8 pm

TEATR ZNAK, Centrum Handlowe Manhattan
al. Grunwaldzka 82 (2nd floor)

Regular - 10 zł
Students - 8 zł
Groups - 7zł

phone: +48 531 644 602

Duration on the play: 30 minutes

CAST: Monika Bartoszewicz, Elżbieta Dudanowicz, Paulina Felska, Pankaj Joshi, Aleksandra Kotapska, Filip Pastuszka, Patrycja Po¶piech, Leonie Schropfer, Marta Szadokierska.

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