My Child - auditions

Sunday 2nd December
English Department of University of Gdansk: room 103/107
Time: 7.15pm

My Child by Mike Bartlett. : 8-10 actors

This is a tough, unpleasant play where non of the characters is particularly appealing. How far will an estranged father go to have access to his only child. Premiered at the Royal Court earlier this year, it is a short fluid piece where scenes flow into each other, keeping the audience on their toes. The subject matter is cruel and the questions it poses not easy to answer. It questions family values in a society where the importance of the family or indeed what a family is seem to be disintegrating.

2 older women - playing age : 50+
1 woman: playing age: early 20s
2 women: playing age older 20s - mid thirties
3 men: playing age: late 20s -mid 30s

Audition: will compromise group work on scenes and presentation
Good command of English required, and the ability to commit time, energy, honesty and courage.

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