The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things

Pictures taken during rehearsal
Pictures taken during the play

It's like in Cosmo(politan), when they have those tests, asking what youd like to change about your guy...if you could alter just one thing...then they'd be perfect.

How much would you change for your partner? What would you do to make someone love you? Evelyn is working on her last art project before graduating and has just started going out with a new guy. Jenny is about to get married.

They have questions they need answered. Their boyfriends have too.

Why would you like me? I'm not anything, I mean ... and you're so...

What is perfection and who can judge it? What is art and who can judge that? Is a dramatic gesture the right response to censorship? Why is some art fake and some real? Do we only see what we want to see in 'truth'?

How objective are we in our choices? How objective can we be when we are in love?

Four students, two couples and one small college town, an art gallery and a wood.
Neil LaBute's play explores the lives of four friends against this setting to examine how far some people will go for love. How far would you go? Is there a limit to what love can demand? Or is it all just subjective?

Have you ever 'stepped over the line' for love? How does it feel?

A play for adults. 16+ recommended.

The play will take place in Teatr Miniatura:
May 18th (Friday 7pm), 19th (Saturday 5pm & 7.30pm), 20th (Sunday 6pm), 26th (Saturday 7.30pm)

0-507 29 03 93

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