12th Festival of Drama in English


15th MarchLittle Pig, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
The Importance of Being Earnest, Maybe Theatre Company, Gdańsk
16th MarchThe Midnight Express, Lublin
Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now, Łódź
17th MarchWho's calling, Łódź
Us and Them, Szczecin
The Tiny Closet, Koszalin
18th MarchThe Taming of the Shrew, Kraków
The Prophets, Warszawa
19th MarchThe Black Breach of Promise Case, Lublin
Music, Bydgoszcz
20th MarchA Dopey Fairy Tale, Poznań
Eve of the Trial, Poznań
Confusions, Lublin
21st MarchFarce, Toruń
Dancing under the Bridge, England

Little Pig, Maybe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Gdańsk
The play is a stage adaptation of Little Pig, an international bestseller by Akumal Ramachander. This book wa written as a children's story, but like G. Orwell's Animal Farm, to which it has often been compared, it works on many levels = for children it can be a story about farmyard animals and their adventures; for others it could be a warning about how we treat animals and whether we should really be eating our friends; for others it could be a fable about man's inhumanity to man. This play really does have something for everyone.
Piggy Chamber Orchestra:
Mama Pig: Katarzyna Bogdanowicz
Papa Pig: Marcin Szczepański
Pig 1: Małgorzata Stencel
Pig 2: Małgorzata Kunikowska
Pig 3: Magdalena Borowiak
Pig 4: Maciej Piórek
Mary: Aleksandra Kur
Little Pig: Monika Kosowska
Fox: Magdalena Borowiak
Cat: Małgorzata Stencel
Wild Duck: Małgorzata Kunikowska
Driver: Zbigniew Maliszewski
Directed and adapted for the stage: Karen Johnson
Based on the book by: Akumal Ramachander
Composer and musical director: Marek Piacek
Songs by: Akumal Ramachander
Additional songs by: Karen Johnson and Marek Piacek
Designer: Sławomir Witkowski
Mask work and design: Joff Chafer
Choreography: Małgorzata Kunikowska, Małgorzata Stencel
Assistant to the director: Michał Kowalski
Stage Manager: Joanna Zenderowska
Musicians: Pozon Sentimental
Producers: Joshua Hosier and Tadeusz Z. Wolański

The Importance of Being Earnest, Maybe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet Gdański
What do handbags, cucumber sandwiches, German grammar and Victoria Station have in common? What happend 28 years ago? How many muffins can a man eat in his own garden? Why is the name Ernest so irresistible? These and a host of other questions will be answered in the Maybe Theatre Company's production of The Importance of Being Earnest, which brings a refreshingly VISUAL dimension to the play, capitalizing on the farcical nature of the plot and revelling in the FUN that Oscar Wilde's comedy most definitely given us.
Lane (manservant to Algernon Moncrieff): Robert Fleeger
Algernon Moncrieff: Michał Chaciński
John Worthing, J.P.: Patrycjusz Zamorski
Lady Bracknell: Katarzyna Borucka
Hon. Gwendolen Fairfax: Anna Skurczyńska
Miss Prism: Dorota Pomorska
Cecily Cardew: Adrianna Pryc
Rev. Canon Chasuble D.D.: Joe D. Campbell
Merriman (butler to John Worthing, J.P.): Robert Fleeger
Directed by: Penny Shefton
Designer: Anna Bocek
Stage manager: Anna Barnachowska
Lighting designer: Joanna Wiśniewska, Barbara Tumiłowicz
Publicity: Barbara Sacewicz, Joanna Wójtewicz
Co-producer: Tadeusz Z. Wolański

The Midnight Express, The Back End of the Donkey Company, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin
The play written by the students presents the idea of a workshop on stage. The text was created duirng one of the rehearsals where the students worked on the initial sentences of Sławomir Mrożek's sketch The Midnight Express, improvising short scenes in the train compartment. Mrożek's original text appears towards the end. In the performance the students wated to express their fascination with a myriad of possibilities that working with a dramatic text provides. They also wish to thank Anita Dębska, who inspired the project.
Cast: Bartosz Pietrzela, Anna Sidor, Katarzyna Boćkowska, Magdalena Malinowska, Sławomir Nowodworski, Małgorzata Rycak, Radosław Dolecki, Witold Wojtaszko
Directed by: Dorota Janowska & Klaudia Wengorek

Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now, Cacho Perro, Uniwersytet Łódzki
Pre-Paradise, Sorry Now by R.W. Fassbinder mocks the idea of ever achieving paradise. The central plot material is to do with the famous case of the English Moors murders committed by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. Brady teches Hindley to "enjoy" submission; together they prepare for their future paradise when "inferior creatures" will learn from the master race that "death means happiness". Intercut with this material are vignettes demonstrating fascitoid underpinnings of everyday life and a series of Christian liturgical passages.
Cast: Magdalena Cieślak, Mariusz Andryszczyk, Kinga Skrętkowicz, Natalia Mamul, Marcin Rudy, Tomasz Jeśman, Paweł Kozłowski, Magdalena Zytek, Małgorzata Tomczyk, Anna Miegoń, Tomasz Dobrogoszcz, Marek Kosmala
Directed by: D. Kishore Verma
Dramaturg: Jamie Ferguson
Assistant director: Marcin Rudy, Kinga Skrętkowicz
Production assistant: Ewa Kosmala
Musical assistant: Ewa Kosmala
Producer: Magdalena Sobocińska
Stage manager: Jacek Matwiejczyk

Who's calling?, Boat Theatre Group, Uniwersytet Łódzki
Where would a bisnessman, a homeless person, a student and an interpreter meet at midnight? The answer will be given in the play by Sean Evans. Suspense building up suspense. One climax merging into another. Unpredictable individuals in upredictable situations. Mystery from the beginning till the very end. Your seat will stay hot all the way through.
Homeless Woman: Joanna Kurczkowska
Businessman: Marek Janczyk
Student: Radek Bajeński
Interpreter: Magdalena Szewczyk
Production team: Anna Mirowska, Joanna Stołecka, Tomasz Siuta, Anna Czaporowska

Us and Them, Six Oranges and One Banana, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języków Obcych, Szczecin
Us and Them by David Compton is an abstract investigation into the apparently inevitable process of suspicion and fear of the unknown leading to hostility and war. According to the author this process is the result of a logical sequence of reactions, which is why the characters are labelled rather than named, and the development of mutual animosity takes place in spite of the fact that the human race consists of fundamentally identical individuals.
Recorder: Joanna Deubel
A1: Adrianna Kozłowska
A2: Joanna Suda
A3: Justyna Kowalska
B1: Agnieszka Gawroniak
B2: Sylwia Głowińska
B3: Patrycja Baj
Directed by: Adrian Fisher

The Tiny Closet, Nauczycielskie Kolegium Języka Angielskiego, Koszalin
The play by William Inge is about a mysterious tenant who occupies a tiny rented room. He has denied access to his room to everyone, even the cleaning maid. This situation makes the landlady increaingly curious. One day, accompanied by a friend, she manages to break into this forbidden territory& Then, she has to face the revenge of the tenant&
Mr Newbolt: Tomasz Górecki
Mrs Crosby: Małgorzata Grzesiak
Elsie: Alina Nieścior
Mrs Hergesheimer: Izabella Nowakowska
Directed by: Izabela Dixon
Props: Joanna Dajnowicz
Director of photography: Mirosław Okuniewicz
Art director: Justyna Burkowska

The Taming of the Shrew, The Not-Always-Royal Shakespeare Company, Uniwersytet Jagielloński, Kraków
The Not-Always-Royal Shakespeare Company presents a new version (modernized in performance but classical in spirit) of the widely read play by William Shakespeare The Taming of the Shrew. The play shows how a gentelman can win the heart of a lady. The male characters will exercise different methods. Peruchio strongly believes that no woman can resist his personal charm, Lucentio counts on his erudition, Hortensio on his excellent musical skills. Whose methods is the best you will be able to judge for yourselves.
Among the spectators you will find Sly, a notorious drunkard dressed like a lord. Someone makes a lot of fun trying to convince him that he is a lord. He does not mind. All he wants is a pot of ale and the body of his new wife. But she, or rather he, does not seem to enjoy this prospect.
Messenger: Maria Śmiarowska
Sly: Michał Palmowski
Hostess: Maria Śmiarowska
Lord: Iweta Rene
First Huntsman: Dominika Palmowska
Second Huntsman: Dorota Ślęzak
First Dog: Sławomir Męczykowski
Second Dog: Jerzy Wojna
First Servant: Katarzyna Idzikiewicz
Second Servant: Agnieszka Jakubiec
Third Servant: Dorota Ślęzak
Page: Mariusz Zajdel
Petruchio: Andrzej Stoszek
Katherine: Roksana Roguś
Bianca: Agnieszka Rachwał
Lucentio: Sławomir Męczykowski
Hortensio: Jerzy Wojna
Directed by: Krzysztof Stawowy
Adaptation: Władysław Witalisz and Krzysztof Stawowy

The Prophets, The Cheerful Hamlets, Uniwersytet Warszawski
The world has long since given up trying to hold its population in check. Drastically overcrowded, it is now waiting for the one man who can save it: the prophet foretold by ancient oracles. However, the action takes a mind-boggling turn as the expectations are fulfilled, but doubly. Something nasty needs to be done quickly with the superfluous saviour to preseve the uniqueness of his alter ego. But which is the true prophet if they are like two peas in a pod?
Regent: Zuzanna Krasoczko
Bailiff: Anna Popwska
Caspar: Eliza Ptasińska
Melchior: Hanna Michnowska
Balthasar: Monika Gostomska
First Prophet: Piotr Szymczak
Second Prophet: Maciej Zawadzki
Prima Donna: Aleksandra Sakowska
Boy: Jarosław Zawadzki
Girl: Ewa Trębska
Directed by: Marcin Wierzchowski
Musician: Marcin Wierzchowski
Lights: Magdalena Sakowska
Sound: Małgorzata Żerer
Propter: Małgorzata Wierzchowska

The Black Breach of Promise Case, MC Masquers, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin
A short sketch whose subtitle is Negro Farce and as such it will be performed by actors in disguise. The language may be a bit challanging, but still funny. As the subtitles indicates, this is to be a face of a court trial in the USA.
Judge: Joanna Ferdynus
Josephus: Tomasz Jasiński
Attorney Snowball: Justyna Tryka
Attorney Brass: Grzegorz Kowalski
Seraphina Sugarplum: Angelika Trochimiak
Policeman: Ewa Przednówek
Peter Periwinkle: Wojciech Urba
Foreman: Barbara Jońca
Jury 1: Aneta Kotlińska
Jury 2: Magdalena Lipa
Clerk of the court: Magdalena Całuch
Directed by: Tomasz Jasiński

Music, No Name Troupe, Wyższa Szkoła Pedagogiczna, Bydgoszcz
Music is an allegorical play about people, life and music. It is also a story of Isiah, who experiences his dull life, and who finds music both attractive and destructive.
Ticket Cop 1, Woman in a Pub, Cleaning lady, Voice 2: Anna Andrusewicz
Tired Woman, Dancer, Fatso's Wife, Voice 3: Beata Lewandowska
Woman in a pub, Fatman's wife, Voice 1, Cleaning lady: Mirosława Bandoszek
Music, Voice 4, Policeman 2: Karolina Wyszyńska
Woman in pub, Fatsman's wife, Voice 5, Music: Monika Olszewska
Blondie, Dancer, Girlfriend: Małgorzata Bucior
Death, Cleaning lady: Magda Lewandowska
Angry Man, Fatso, Painter: Macin Cieślewicz
Author: Tomek Mazurkiewicz
Ticket Cop 2, Fatso, Woman with pillow, Policeman 1: Jerry Hendershot
Isiah: Bartosz Augustyński
Directed by: Tomasz Mazurkiewicz
Stage manager: Małgorzata Chrzan
Properties: Radek Ceraficki

A Dopey Fairy Tale, Sunflower Husks, Uniwersytet Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
A Dopery Fairy Tale is Michael Weller's newly envisioned rendition of Anton Chekhov's short story The Skit. Light-hearted and pun-filled, the play is a charming mixture of the realistic and the imaginative with a penetrating contemporary touch. It is full of eccentric characters from a talking dog to regal frogs, and even offers case studies of linguistic peculiarities. Give a dog a break!
Smile: Andrzej Dąbrowski
Father Barker: Rafał Łuczak
Mother Barker: Marta Jakimiuk
Clarence: Jacek Szczerbak
Chatter (the dog): Tomasz Berdysz
Mayor: Joanna Cegielska
Magistrate: Małgorzata Andrzejewska
Minister: Anna Gębura
Female Frog: Monika Jastrzębska
Male Frog: Beata Słabczyk
Sad Princess Gladys: Agnieszka Błażek
Directed by: Monika Hagarty
Lights: Agata Stopińska
Sound: Agnieszka Arendarska
Props/costumes: Alicja Jabłońska

Eve of the Trial, Poznań Fringe Theatre Company, Uniwersytet im. Adama Mickiewicza, Poznań
A very funny satire on American Southerners, it is a short play by Samm-Art Williams, based on Chekhov's short story. A Russian landowner runs away from Russia fearing his brother's and the Bolsheviks' revenge. He marries two women and gets caught in Louisiana on his way to Utah. He is to be tried and all the Southerners seem to want him dead.
Ma Lolo: Miłosz Gil
Lester Simmons: Grzegorz Zacharewicz
Pearl Simmons: Grażyna Sakowska
Tate: Kevin Hagarty
Alex Bushkin: Paweł Sakowski
Lily: Aleksander Spiehs
Kitty: Renata Gruszczyńska
Stage manager: Maja Krzemińska

Confusions: Mother Figure & A Talk in the Park, Almost Theatre, Uniwersytet Marii Curie-Skłodowskiej, Lublin
While there is no need to introduce in detail Alan Ayckbourn who remains one of the most popular British dramatists, a word or two on Confusions is worth knowing. Confusions - a unique combination of five sketches is a situation comedy which makes everyone laugh and ponder about the frailty of out moral systems, the fillies and idiosyncrasies of us all, It is through the revelation - a kind of epiphany - that we learn how much we share with the characters on stage and aim to do something about it. Ayckbourn's hilarious sketches are not intended to be seen, they are intended to be experienced.
Lucy: Katarzyna Mietkowska
Rosemary: Magdalena Lenart
Terry: Paweł Posiej
Harry: Sebastian Kaim
Arthur: Daniel Maksym
Beryl: Sylwia Gołofit
Charles: Maciej Gajewski
Doreen: Beata Błasiak
Ernest: Paweł Posiej
Directed by: Adam Janiszewski
Stage manager: Elżbieta Wójcik
Sound effects: Katarzyna Wiśniewska
Lights: Anna Derewecka

Farce, Enigma, Uniwersytet im. Mikołaja Kopernika, Toruń
The play shows a story of a man involved in affairs with five women. The fast, witty plot and the actors' splendid comic abilities guarantee a good time.
Victor: Piotr Menżyński
Anna: Anna Żabińska
Elisa: Eliza Mierzicka
Rosalie: Rozalia Mierzicka
Isabel the teenager: Izabella Ciesielska
Patty the TV person: Patrycja Makaruk
Martina: Martyna Łaszewska
Directed by: Katarzyna Trzaska
Music: Paweł Łuszkiewicz
Light: Justyna Siwiec
Costumes: Dominika Czarnecka

Dancing under the Bridge, Tilt Theatre Company, England
Mihai and Christina are journeying across Holland as they flee Romania after the 1990 revolution. As they beg a living in Rotterdam they discover that the price of the future is the past they have left far behind.
Christina: Fiona Ross
Mihai: Sebastian Baczkiewicz
Written by: Sebastian Baczkiewicz

Festival Team:
Festival Director: Maria Fengler
Accommodation: Joanna Wiśniewska, Barbara Tumiłowicz
Stage Managers: Małgorzata Chrzan, Cyprian Estemberg
Lights: Joanna Wiśniewska, Barbara Tumiłowicz, Paweł Kuligowski
Financial Director: Tadeusz Z. Wolański
Public Relations and Publicity: Monika Szwarc, Adam Zalewski, Barbara Sacewicz, Anna Barbachowska
Advertising: Adam Śmiłowski
Accompanying Events: Agnieszka Wróblewska-Green, Joanna Zenderowska, Michał Kowalski, Adam Green
Workshops Assistance: Katarzyna Chmielewska, Przemysław Budziszewski, Michał Owczarek
Front of House: Ewa Marzjan

In associatin with the enthusiastic team of members and friends of Maybe Theatre Company, too numerous to mention, who have helped in the organisation of the event

With special thanks to:
Ms Susan Maingay and The British Council in Warsaw
English Department, University of Gdańsk
The Management and Staff of Teatr Miniatura
Teatr Wybrzeże
Drukarnia Atex
Fazer Polska
Piekarnia Pellowski
English Unlimite

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